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Foicare wheelchair

Electric Wheelchairs Manufacturer
Manual and Electric Wheelchairs Design
Manual Wheelchairs Products Manufacturer
Welcome to Foicare

Foinoe Established 10 Years Ago, Focus On Medical, Dental And Homecare Equipment Developing, Dedicate To Help People To Get A Better Life Worldwide. Based On Strong Developing And Manufacturing Ability Of Several Factories In China, Foinoe Try To Be One Of The Best Choice For Hospital And Personal Health Care.

Why Foinoe
Highest quality
Quality is the most important requirement for medical products. To ensure only the highest quality products, we work with the most qualified factories. Most of our products have CE, FDA certification, but we guarentee your satisfaction on our entire product line.
Excellent Service
We offer complete support from the beginning. Not only do we offer a wide variety of products for different demands, but our knowledgeable team can assist in personalized medical solutions. Our bottom line is to provide customer satisfaction.
Competitive pricing
Our goal is to achieve long-term cooperation. This is accomplished not only through quality products, but also striving to provide the best pricing to our customers.
We are eager to help you with whatever you may be looking for. Our response time is quick, so feel free to contact us today with any questions. We look forward to serving you.
years medical equipment
years products exporting 
experienced skillful workers
countries have our customers
Our Products
Our Popular Models
New Design Power Electric Lithium Battery Wheelchair FC-P1
Easy Carry Folding Electric Wheelchair for Cerebral Palsy FC-P2
Foldable Electric Wheelchair Easy Transportation Take To Airplane FC-P3
Luxury Portable Folding Electric Lightweight Wheelchair FC-P4
Lightweight Folding Electric Wheelchair for Disabled Adults FC-P5
Aluminium Ultra Lightweight Manual Wheelchair FC-M1
Folding Manual Wheelchair with Swing Away Armrest FC-M5
Manual Wheelchair with Power Assist for Hemiplegic Patients FC-M6

Latest News

  • dibaiyiliaozhan_d3c6094f1a80240829cb68c7ad6a2c05 (1).jpg

    Foicare wheelchair at Arab Health 2019

    Let’s shape the future of healthcare together!

    11 12 2018
  • xiaoguotu02_4abd48e367285c31ed11476d9579cc05 (1).jpg

    How To Buy a Lightweight Foldable Electric Wheelchair?

    How to buy a lightweight foldable electric wheelchair? As an action mobility tool for the elderly or disabled, electric wheelchairs are now more and more demanding, and there are more and more choices, and there are hundreds of styles.

    07 01 2019
  • P1zhangtu02-fentu001_966a215943e587c57e8b73f195d1dea7.jpg

    What is the History of the Development of Wheelchairs?

    With regard to the history of wheelchairs in China, it can be traced back to the transportation vehicle “Mu Niu Liu Ma” invented by Zhuge Liang in the Three Kingdoms Period. It is a wheeled trolley. It is said that Zhu Xingliang was in the Northern Expedition for nine to twelve years (231-234). This

    21 01 2019
  • timg.jpg

    What are the courtesy of wheelchair basketball?

    Watching the wheelchair basketball game, in addition to appreciating the athlete's exquisite ball art, its superb wheelchair-driven technology is also very ornamental. Sometimes the wheelchairs of two athletes have to be hit together, and the athletes can suddenly turn a round of danger. Therefore,

    15 02 2019
  • no photo

    The Climber in The Wheelchair - Zhong Chengzhan

    As the Beijing Winter Olympics enters the third anniversary countdown, the time for the ice-snow project athletes who dream of boarding the Olympic stage is getting closer and closer.“Wanlong’s snow and snow trails are the best, and the kebabs are also the best. The cable car and hotel planning of S

    18 02 2019
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