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Maintenance and Inspection of the Wheelchair

The user's electric wheelchair maintenance includes: check the screws, cleaning, tires, batteries and charge, further electric wheelchair maintenance by the service center or customer service, we recommend you: electric wheelchair every six months check, and check once a year.
1 Check the screws
Check the screws on the front wheels, rear wheels, and the main components of the frame. If looses, lock it.
2 Clean the electric wheelchair
Please wipe and clean the electric wheelchair regularly.
Cushions, back cushions, handrails, controllers and other parts that are often in contact with the user should be wiped with a clean, damp cloth (can not be wiped with an organic solvent).
In the course of the usage of the patient, do regular cleaning once a week, after the use of infected patients, you should be used disinfectant cleaning and disinfection.
3 Tire
Tire method of inflatable is the same as the bike, even if not use for a long time, the air will be reduced, please pay attention to timely inflatable; at the same time, regularly check the wearable tire tires, when the tread depth of one millimeter, please replace the tires. If a puncture occurs, please contact your dealer or your nearest bike shop. Do not use electric wheelchair
4 Battery
    Please confirm that the battery is often charged, we recommend that the battery do not have no electricity to re-charge, so as not to reduce the battery life.
 Storage and Transportation
Temperature: -40-55℃
Relative humidity: ≤85%
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