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What are the differences between lithium battery electric wheelchairs and lead-acid battery electric wheelchairs

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What are the differences between lithium battery electric wheelchairs and lead-acid battery electric wheelchairs

Now there are a lot of lithium battery electric wheelchairs on the market. At present, people are no longer unfamiliar with lithium battery, such as FOCARE electric wheelchairs and foinoe electric wheelchairs. Now the battery in mobile phones is lithium battery. What's the difference between lithium battery electric wheelchairs and traditional lead-acid battery electric wheelchairs?

electric wheelchair lithium battery

The differences between lithium battery electric wheelchair and lead-acid battery electric wheelchair are as follows:

1、        The weight of lithium battery electric wheelchair is much lighter than that of lead-acid battery electric wheelchair. The weight of traditional lead-acid battery electric wheelchair is less than 30 kg, and the weight is 120 kg. The weight of lithium battery electric wheelchair is only about 20 kg.

2、        The battery life is different. The lead-acid battery is generally filled and discharged about 400 times, with memory, and the life is about two years. At present, most lead-acid batteries are maintenance free ones. With the increase of usage times, the batteries will gradually lose water, so the storage capacity is getting worse and worse. Lithium battery has strong durability, slow consumption, more than 500 charging and discharging times, and no memory, with a service life of about 3-5 years.

3、        The endurance of the lead-acid battery electric wheelchair with the same capacity is not as good as that of the lithium battery electric wheelchair, because the weight of the lithium battery is light, the weight of the whole vehicle is smaller, the power is more saved, and the endurance mileage is longer.

lightweight folding electric wheelchair

Here's an example of FOCARE electric wheelchair to explain the product features of lithium battery electric wheelchair:

electric wheelchair

  1.     Intelligent operation control lever, left and right hands can be controlled

  2.     The armrest of the wheelchair is also lifted, and the foot pedal can be adjusted and removed

  3.     Pu solid tire, waterproof and breathable cushion backrest, safety belt

  4.     Driven by lithium battery, it can be recharged repeatedly, small volume, light weight, only 25 kg, energy saving and environmental protection

  5.     Five speed adjustment, zero radius in place 360 ° turning at will

  6.     Design of tail wheel with strong climbing ability and anti back tipping

  7.     Lithium electric wheelchair can be pushed, shaken and driven by hand, and can be switched at will

  8.     Foldable frame, easy to store and transport

  9.     High safety factor, intelligent electromagnetic brake and manual brake

wheelchair wheel

wheel chair

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