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    How Routine Maintenance Manual Wheelchair

    With the increase in the use time of manual wheelchairs, the chances of small problems in wheelchairs will increase. Therefore, it is imperative to do the daily maintenance and repair of manual wheelchairs. How can maintenance be used to maximize the life cycle of manual wheelchairs?
  • 10269773_650013.jpg

    How to Detect and Maintain Manual Wheelchairs

    As a important means of transportation for the elderly, manual wheelchairs should be well-maintained to ensure the safety of wheelchair use. If the wheelchair is not well maintained and the parts are easy to accident, safety becomes a problem. I will explain to you today the methods of detecting and
  • P3 可拆卸.jpg

    What is The Difference Between Manual Wheelchair and Electric Wheelchair?

    Generally, the elderly are older, and walking is a bit inconvenient. If he likes to go out and turn around, consider buying a wheelchair for him, but the electric wheelchair is afraid that he is not doing well. After all, he is older and the reaction is a bit slow. Manual wheelchair It’s too much ef
  • FC-P5 (3).png

    What are the common types of wheelchairs and the differences between them?

    Wheelchairs in the market can be divided into manual wheelchairs, nursing wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs and sports wheelchairs according to driving methods and special purposes.Manual wheelchair: refers to the occupant driving the wheelchair by himself and without relying on others. This type of
  • xiaoguotu02_4abd48e367285c31ed11476d9579cc05 (1).jpg

    How To Buy a Lightweight Foldable Electric Wheelchair?

    How to buy a lightweight foldable electric wheelchair? As an action mobility tool for the elderly or disabled, electric wheelchairs are now more and more demanding, and there are more and more choices, and there are hundreds of styles.
  • electric wheelchair 03.jpg

    Can You Take an Electric Wheelchair on a Plane

    Many friends with physical disabilities want to fly, but they don't know whether a wheelchair car can get on the plane. Now I'd like to introduce it to you.
  • FC-P2 (6).JPG

    How Often Should You Charge an Electric Wheelchair

    When buying an electric wheelchair, there are many problems that we need to know. Electric wheelchairs are designed for special people. These special people know that the more electric wheelchairs, the more safe they are in use, the less likely they are to cause secondary injuries.
  • P4折叠.jpg

    Can You Use an Electric Wheelchair in The Rain

    During the rainy season, the air is damp and the appliances are wet. For elderly friends who use electric wheelchairs, it is important to pay attention to the details of using electric wheelchairs to prevent rain or rain, resulting in damage to electric wheelchairs and affecting the elderly.
  • xiaoguotu02_4abd48e367285c31ed11476d9579cc05.jpg

    How Electric Wheelchair Works

    As a mobile device for people with disabilities and people with disabilities, electric wheelchairs are an essential means of transportation for people with disabilities. They are widely used in hospitals and homes, so their electrical performance, safety performance and electromagnetic compatibility
  • FC-P5.png

    What Are The Safety Notes During Wheelchair Use?

    What are the safety Notes during wheelchair use?Wheelchairs are more common auxiliary devices. Disabled people, elderly people with unfavorable physical activities, or debilitated patients need to rely on wheelchairs to complete the conversion of places. Many people think that wheelchairs are simple
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