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  • How to choose the type of wheelchair

    Types and application scope of wheelchair 1. Ordinary wheelchair: suitable for ordinary patients, health care and convalescent2. Single side drive wheelchair: suitable for hemiplegic patients or amputees3. Sports wheelchair: it is suitable for people with lower extremity motor dysfunction to use in

  • 6 Element to Choose Electric Wheelchairs for Elderly

    Nowadays, there are various kinds of electric wheelchairs in the market, so that people usually do not know how to choose for the elderly in the home. Different electric wheelchairs with different characteristic and are suitable for different people.There are 6 elements we need pay attention to when

  • What are the differences between lithium battery electric wheelchairs and lead-acid battery electric wheelchairs

    Now there are a lot of lithium battery electric wheelchairs on the market. At present, people are no longer unfamiliar with lithium battery, such as FOCARE electric wheelchairs and foinoe electric wheelchairs. Now the battery in mobile phones is lithium battery. What's the difference between lithium

  • Precautions for choosing electric wheelchair

    Wheelchair is a very important tool for the rehabilitation of an old man, patients with mobility difficulties and patients with dysfunction. It is not only a walking tool for the disabled, but also a lifelong "foot" for the patients with spinal cord injury. They can use it to exercise and participat

  • How to use and care for a wheelchair

    Whenever a patient is in a wheelchair or moving in or out of a wheelchair, he or she must master basic operations such as operating brakes (brakes), removing armrests and footrests, and lifting hips forward in a wheelchair. Pick up and move your hands to the footrest to fasten the toe brace. Patient

  • Wheelchair Use Tips

    In the process of patients' rehabilitation, wheelchair is a very widely used tool, such as lower limb disability, hemiplegia, paraplegia under the chest and the disabled are very suitable. Do you have a comprehensive understanding of wheelchair selection and use? Now the manufacturer of FOCARE wheel

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