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Precautions for choosing electric wheelchair

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Precautions for choosing electric wheelchair

Wheelchair is a very important tool for the rehabilitation of an old man, patients with mobility difficulties and patients with dysfunction. It is not only a walking tool for the disabled, but also a lifelong "foot" for the patients with spinal cord injury. They can use it to exercise and participate in social activities.

 P6 electric wheelchair

Wheelchairs are divided into ordinary wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs and special wheelchairs. Now the most common wheelchair in the market is ordinary wheelchairs. However, with the development of social economy and the enhancement of health awareness, more and more people begin to use electric wheelchairs. The most important reason why we love it is that it is time-saving, labor-saving and easy to operate. Because of its convenient operation, it doesn't need anyone's help or manual shaking, and the driving speed is also within the safe control range, so it can be used safely, comfortably, safely and easily. But the price of this kind of wheelchair (electric wheelchair) is more expensive than that of ordinary wheelchair, both of which are more than $500. How can I buy an electric wheelchair with high cost performance? Here are the precautions for choosing electric wheelchair:


1. The core of choosing electric wheelchair is to look at the controller.

Controller: divided into domestic controller and imported controller. According to the market of electric wheelchairs, the price of electric wheelchairs with domestic controllers is generally more than $700 below $1000; the price of electric wheelchairs with imported controllers is relatively high, basically more than $1000 to $2300, which is still high for ordinary people. If you want to import the electric wheelchair with controller, and want to buy the electric wheelchair at a low price, I suggest you consult Nanjing foinoe, and we will give you a good way.

 electric wheelchair joystick

2. The key to purchase electric wheelchair is to look at the motor.

Because the electric motor is the main driving power part of the electric wheelchair, and also the heart of the electric wheelchair. For example, people who know about e-bikes all know. At present, there are two kinds of motors used in domestic electric bicycles: brush motor and non brush motor (brush motor can be divided into high speed and low speed).

electric wheelchair motor 

The brush low speed motor is selected by the electric bicycle, also known as the brush less toothless motor. It has a large current and weak performance when the electric bicycle starts and climbs. The brush high speed motor (about 3600 RPM) uses carbon brush as the two contacts of the motor power supply, which is controlled by the speed regulating handle and the controller, and achieves 0-2 of the electric bicycle through the secondary gear deceleration and overrunning the clutch 0 km / h stepless speed regulation. At present, the brush high-speed motor has high gold content, strong strength of motor reduction gear, good wear resistance, reasonable design, so the repair rate is low; moreover, the cost of repairing and replacing gear and motor is less, which effectively reduces the maintenance cost of electric bicycle (electric wheelchair).


Generally, the brushless motor is used. The cost of its speed control system is higher than that of the speed control system of the brush high-speed motor, and the controller is prone to failure in use. The best working efficiency of the electric bicycle equipped with the brush less electric motor can only be achieved when the driving speed reaches more than 35 km / h, but we know that the electric bicycle and the electric wheelchair are managed as the non motor vehicle, and the speed must be less than 20 km / h, so the selection of the brush less electric machine by the electric bicycle reduces the working efficiency, and the desirability is not strong.

 electric wheelchair brushless motor

3. Select according to the material of electric wheelchair:

 It can be divided into aluminum alloy and steel pipe material (many people will think that the steel pipe material will be stronger than aluminum alloy, in fact, the aluminum alloy used for electric wheelchairs now is high-strength aluminum alloy, which not only has the advantages of steel pipe's firmness and fastness, but also is light. The defect of heavy steel pipe material is avoided.

electric wheel chair

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