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Where Can Old People Drive Electric Wheelchairs?
Home » News » Product News » Where Can Old People Drive Electric Wheelchairs?

Where Can Old People Drive Electric Wheelchairs?

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Where Can Old People Drive Electric Wheelchairs?

For the elderly with poor legs and feet, electric wheelchairs are good walking tools. Some old people can still walk, but a little farther away will be very tired, and some have to walk very hard. What are the use scenarios of electric wheelchairs?

electric wheelchair

Electric wheelchair scooter Applicable scene 1: residential area or commercial area with elevator

There are many elderly people who live in elevators or first-floor houses. They may not go out often because of their inconvenience. If you use electric wheelchairs, the elderly can drive them freely, get out of the house, and then enter the elevator. Downstairs, open to the community, and then go where you want to go. The standard for general household elevators is 1.4 meters long, the size of commercial elevators is larger, and the length of mainstream electric wheelchairs is generally less than 1.2 meters, so you can freely enter and exit the elevator.

Electric wheelchair for scene 2: go to the market, bend, buy food

In urban life, buying food is a very important part of the life of the elderly. The vegetable market is generally not too far from the residential building but there will be some distance. Many elderly people can walk over, but they can’t walk after buying food. Come back (twisting the dish or not walking), if you use an electric wheelchair, you can drive directly from home to the market, freely shuttle the dishes you need in the market, and then put them in the shopping box. When you come back, you don’t have to spend any effort on the whole process, it is very convenient.

Electric wheelchair for scene three: community or park chat with old friends

Older people with poor legs and legs often go downstairs to work in the community or in the park, but because the legs are not so good, they can only walk for a short distance, and more are sitting on the bench in the community to rest or chat, but because of Most of the benches in the community are fixed, and some are inconvenient. For example, if you need to sunbathe or have hot sun, they can't change the bench. The electric wheelchair is different. You can freely move freely and bend, sit and rest at any time. It is very convenient to stay where to stay.

Electric wheelchair suitable for scene four: go to the supermarket or shopping mall

Due to the needs of life, visiting supermarkets or shopping malls is also the daily life of the elderly. Buying family life items is indispensable to these two places, but nowadays the shopping malls or supermarkets are relatively large in size, and the elderly are not able to go around, let alone Buying a must-have item for life. If you use an electric wheelchair, you can freely enter and exit the supermarket shopping mall. It is convenient to enter and exit the elevator to different floors and areas.

Electric wheelchair application scenario five: go to the hospital to see the doctor to check the body

Older people are more or less old-age diseases. Hospitals are places where the elderly need to go often. There are many people in the hospital. The legs and feet are not good. It is simply a crime. With electric wheelchairs, you can easily deal with these and go directly to the clinic. The doctors communicate face to face, take the subway to the pharmacy or the examination room, and then go home, so that the medical examination is no longer a torment.

Electric wheelchair for scene six: take the train or even the plane on the subway

Older people also have the need to go far. If you need to go to the subway for more than ten kilometers, you need to take a train or high-speed train to go to other cities. If you are farther away, you may travel by plane. For the elderly, two A subway station or high-speed rail station makes the elderly's legs and feet tremble, and an airport is even more laborious. Some large airport young people are tired enough to walk around the airport, while electric wheelchairs can easily enter and exit the subway high-speed rail, partially meeting aviation. Standard electric wheelchairs can also be used to get on and off the plane at random, so that the legs and feet of the elderly can follow the means of transportation to different parts of the world.

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