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What kind of wheelchair is good for the elderly?
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What kind of wheelchair is good for the elderly?

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What kind of wheelchair is good for the elderly?

For sputum, stroke, amputees and frail elderly, wheelchairs are an important tool to help them improve their self-care ability, take up jobs and return to society. The wheelchair used by the elderly has become a problem. Here is the Foicare to tell you what wheelchair the elderly use.

It is important to choose the right wheelchair. The structure and function of each occupant is different, and the structure and function of the wheelchair are different. The choice of wheelchair should take into account the nature and extent of the patient's disability, age, general function, and location.

What wheelchair is good for the elderly?

electric wheelchair

1, Function

Wheelchairs usually have functional classifications such as ordinary wheelchairs, high-back wheelchairs, nursing wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs, and competitive sports wheelchairs. Therefore, it is necessary to select an auxiliary function depending on the nature and degree of disability of the elderly, the general function, and the place of use. High-back wheelchairs are generally used for elderly people who have orthostatic hypotension and cannot maintain a 90-degree sitting position. After the relief of orthostatic hypotension, it should be replaced as an ordinary wheelchair as soon as possible so that the elderly can drive the wheelchair by themselves; elderly people with normal upper limb function can use wheelchairs with pneumatic tires in ordinary wheelchairs; the upper limbs have poor function and cannot drive ordinary wheelchairs. Use a wheelchair or electric wheelchair with a frictional resistance handwheel; if the elderly hand has poor function and is accompanied by mental disorders, you can use a lightweight nursing wheelchair to be promoted by others.

2, Width

It is like wearing a wheelchair. It is necessary to determine the size of the fit. The size is suitable to make the parts evenly stressed, not only comfortable, but also prevent adverse consequences, such as secondary damage. The old man is in a wheelchair, and there should be a gap of 2.5 to 4 cm between the sides of the hip and the inside of the wheelchair. Too wide elderly people need to stretch their hands to push the wheelchair, which is not good for the elderly and the body can not maintain balance and cannot pass through narrow passages. When the elderly are resting, their hands cannot be comfortably placed on the armrests. If it is too narrow, it will wear the skin of the old man's buttocks and the outside of the thigh, and it is not good for the elderly to get on and off the wheelchair.

lightweight electric wheelchair

3, Height

Generally, it is better to choose the upper edge of the backrest and the old man's armpit for about 10 cm, but it should be based on the functional status of the elderly trunk. The higher the backrest, the more stable the old man is when sitting; the lower the backrest, the easier the activity of the torso and upper limbs. Therefore, only the old talents with good balance and light obstacles can choose a low-back wheelchair. On the contrary, the higher the backrest and the larger the support surface, the physical activity will be affected.

4, Pedal height

The pedals are at least 5 cm from the ground. If it is a foot pedal that can be adjusted up and down, adjust the foot pedal to the old man's seat, so that the 4 cm at the bottom of the front end of the thigh does not touch the seat cushion.

5, The height of the armrest

After the height of the armrest is seated by the old man, the elbow joint is flexed 90 degrees, and then 2.5 cm is added upward. The armrest is too high, the shoulders are prone to fatigue, and the upper arm skin abrasion is easily caused when the wheelchair is pushed. The armrest is too low, pushing the wheelchair easily causes the upper arm to lean forward, causing the body to pour out of the wheelchair. Operating the wheelchair in a forward position for a long time may cause deformation of the spine and compression of the chest, resulting in difficulty breathing.

sport wheelchair

6, Cushion 

In order to make the elderly feel comfortable and prevent hemorrhoids when sitting in a wheelchair, it is best to put a cushion on the wheelchair seat, which can disperse the pressure on the buttocks. Common cushions are foam rubber and inflatable cushions. In addition, pay more attention to the breathability of the seat cushion, and a lot of cleaning, in order to effectively prevent hemorrhoids.

wheelchair cushion

Knowing what wheelchairs are used by the elderly, Foicare recommends that you choose a wheelchair for the elderly at home, preferably with the advice of a professional.

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