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What is The Difference Between Manual Wheelchair and Electric Wheelchair?
Home » News » Product News » What is The Difference Between Manual Wheelchair and Electric Wheelchair?

What is The Difference Between Manual Wheelchair and Electric Wheelchair?

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What is The Difference Between Manual Wheelchair and Electric Wheelchair?

Generally, the elderly are older, and walking is a bit inconvenient. If he likes to go out and turn around, consider buying a wheelchair for him, but the electric wheelchair is afraid that he is not doing well. After all, he is older and the reaction is a bit slow. Manual wheelchair, It’s too much effort. So, is the elderly using a manual wheelchair? Is it better to use an electric wheelchair? 

electric wheelchair

electric wheelchair

manual wheelchair

manual wheelchair

The electric wheelchair has the characteristics of simple operation, labor-saving and worry-free, saving the energy of the guardian. He has expanded the function of the manual wheelchair and added a wider range of living activities for the life of the person in the wheelchair. If the elderly are not very old, life still has a certain self-care ability, while the physical quality is not bad, the mind is clear, the hands control ability and strength are not bad, so the crowd is best hung with a hand-cranked lightweight wheelchair, cost-effective, and Generally speaking, it can meet the needs of life. If the economic conditions permit, the simple and light electric wheelchair is also a good choice; if the elderly can not stand, it is best to choose the detachable handrail, the hand-push wheelchair with monitoring function, the guardian daily care for the elderly , diet, physiological excretion, etc. is very convenient; for the elderly with clear mind and more sensitive hands, they can basically take care of themselves in a wheelchair in their lives, or it is difficult to accompany their guardians around the elderly to take care of the elderly all the time, or I hope to walk indoors and outdoors, to get a bigger and wider activity circle. This time, it is most suitable to choose a manual or manual electric dual-purpose multi-function electric wheelchair.

As is known, the electric wheelchair uses a battery as a power source, and by operating a control lever provided at the hand to control the motor mounted on the wheel axle, it can be straightened or turned. Moreover, it has the function of increasing power when climbing, not too fast when going downhill, and stopping in the middle of the ramp. In a sense, it has something in common with the motor control of the robot. The moving speed is limited to 6-8km/h outdoors, and the speed is adjustable.

Electric wheelchairs are wheelchairs that add to the electric motor and navigation controls. Usually a small operating lever is mounted on the armrest instead of a manual power wheelchair. The electric wheelchair is more flexible and suitable for the elderly to move indoors. All the movements of the electric wheelchair can be controlled by the joystick of the controller.

Detachable electric wheelchair

Pedal detachable angle adjustable

foldable electric wheelchair

foldable electric wheelchair

The electric wheelchair is controlled by a variety of switches, such as a joystick and a head or a suction system. For people who are severely paralyzed or need a large moving distance, using an electric wheelchair is a good choice as long as their cognitive ability is good, but it requires a lot of room for activity.

Forward, reverse, turn, etc., and the brake system is better, one-button operation, stop and stop. However, since there is no protection in front of the electric wheelchair, many elderly people who use electric wheelchairs for the first time will feel unsafe. In fact, this is just a psychological effect. Don't worry, you can practice it in a spacious and flat place for a while.

However, from the perspective of safety, it is prudent to provide electric wheelchairs to the elderly. This is because the use of an electric wheelchair does not require any effort, which may result in an accident due to misjudgment and unskilled operation. Usually, the user of the electric wheelchair is a person whose limbs are obviously not damaged, and the person who is not free from the movement ability must fully consider the use situation and various road condition information, and take precautionary measures in advance.

In brief, for the elderly, if there is a certain obstacle to walking when there is no damage to the intelligence, it is recommended to use an electric scooter and an electric wheelchair. This will enable the elderly to expand their living radius and enjoy life better; it is not allowed to use it. Push the wheelchair and assist in life.

For disabled people, both manual and electric vehicles are required, which are used for short-distance manuals and electric vehicles for long-distance. The specific types of electric vehicles can be selected according to the adaptability of outdoor environment. If the upper limb strength is sufficient, it is more recommended to exercise a wheelchair and self-help travel. If the upper limb strength is weak, an electric wheelchair is recommended.

wheel chair       manual wheel chair

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