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What are the electric wheelchairs that can take on the plane?
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What are the electric wheelchairs that can take on the plane?

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What are the electric wheelchairs that can take on the plane?

In fact, the old people with mobility problems in the world want to see it, but many of them choose to give up because of mobility problems. So an electric wheelchair or a portable elderly walker that can get on the plane can help the elderly and the disabled realize their dreams. So what is the air transportation standard for electric wheelchairs? What are the electric wheelchairs that can take on the aircraft?

P6 electric wheelchair

What is the air transportation standard of electric wheelchair? The packaging of electric wheelchair should meet the following requirements:

First, the wheelchair with leak-proof battery: need to ensure that the battery does not short-circuit and safely installed in the wheelchair; if the battery can be split, the battery must be removed, carried in a sturdy hard package, stored as checked baggage In the cargo hold.

Second, wheelchairs with spill-over batteries: the battery must be removed into a sturdy hard package, the package should have a leak-proof function, ensure that the battery is not short-circuited, and the surrounding is filled with a suitable absorbent material to absorb any leakage liquid.

Third, the wheelchair with lithium-ion battery: passengers must remove the battery and carry the battery into the cabin, the rated watt hours of each battery should not exceed 300Wh; if the battery is equipped with 2 batteries, the rated watts of each battery The number of hours must not exceed 160Wh. Each passenger can carry up to one spare battery with a rated watt-hour of not more than 300Wh, or two spare batteries with a rated watt-hour of not more than 160Wh.

 foldable electric wheelchair

From the above terms, it is not difficult to see that choosing a lightweight folding lithium battery electric wheelchair or a lightweight folding lithium battery scooter is a good choice.

Which models of Foicare can bring an electric wheelchair to the plane?

According to the relevant regulations, most electric wheelchairs do not meet the air transportation standards. Therefore, when purchasing an electric wheelchair, you need to know the relevant regulations and purchase again. The Foicare Wheelchair Network recommends several lightweight folding electric wheelchairs according to the relevant shipping standards, as follows:

1.    FC-P6 Top Folding Lightweight Electric Wheelchair for Adults

Foicare FC-P6 electric wheelchair. The FOICARE electric wheelchair adopts a five-link folding design. It has a small folding capacity and a weight of only 20kg. It is equipped with a 24V10AH lithium battery and can be used on airplanes, trains and subways. The folding size is only 39*58*70cm, FOICARE FC-P6 Folding in one second.

 lightweight wheelchair

2.    FC-P7 New Model Folding Electric Wheelchairs with Two Batteries

FOICARE FC-P7 electric wheelchair. FOICARE FC-P7 electric wheelchair is equipped with two 24V6.5AH lithium batteries. The battery can be pulled and extracted, carried on the plane, fully in line with the air shipping standard; equipped with intelligent electromagnetic brake; two 250W high power DC motors, powerful; one button Folded, folded size is only 63*33*76cm.

 folding wheelchair

To carry an electric wheelchair on an aircraft, it is necessary to first have light weight, then the sum of the length, width and height after folding, and the battery capacity shall not exceed the air consignment standard (no more than 300W). Different airlines may have some differences, and the specific regulations of the airlines shall prevail. According to the regulations, electric wheelchairs for the elderly and disabled can be consigned free of charge as long as they meet the air consignment standards.

foldable lightweight wheelchair

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