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What are the common types of wheelchairs and the differences between them?

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What are the common types of wheelchairs and the differences between them?

Wheelchairs in the market can be divided into manual wheelchairs, nursing wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs and sports wheelchairs according to driving methods and special purposes.

Manual wheelchair: refers to the occupant driving the wheelchair by himself and without relying on others. This type of wheelchair has higher requirements for the user, and the user can have the ability to independently drive the wheelchair, but due to physical limitations Wheelchairs are usually used in small areas, mostly in close-range movements. If there is a long-distance demand, most of them rely on cars or other means of transportation.

manual wheelchair

Care-type wheelchair: The driving force of the nursing wheelchair comes from the caregiver. The users of this wheelchair are mostly seriously ill and cannot drive the wheelchair. Therefore, the shape and disassembly of the arm must be paid attention to when transferring (shifting). Convenience, in general, the design of the nursing wheelchair must consider the lightweight wheelchair that is easy to carry and easy to load, and has a folding function.

care-type wheelchair

Electric wheelchair: The driving force of the electric wheelchair mainly comes from the battery. It needs to be charged after walking for a period of time. The user of this wheelchair is also for the weak and sick, lack of athletic ability. The frame of this wheelchair is strengthened, plus additional electrodes. Auxiliary equipment, so the weight of the wheelchair is relatively heavy.

electric wheelchair

Sports wheelchair: Sports wheelchair can be regarded as a special type of manual wheelchair. His main target is disabled athletes and sports enthusiasts with disabilities. From sports types, they can be divided into racing wheelchairs, basketball wheelchairs, and tennis wheelchairs and so on.

sport wheelchair

Since the specific functions of different types of wheelchairs are different, the type of wheelchair can be determined according to the driving ability and the mental state.

For patients with unclear thinking, driving a wheelchair by themselves can lead to potential dangers such as getting lost and car accidents. Therefore, patients with unclear thinking need more care. In addition, the type of wheelchair is mainly determined by the driving method, so the ability to exercise is also an important factor.

Extended reading: Some foreign universities and company scientists have long been engaged in the development and development of wheelchairs. They have developed wheelchairs with different functions and high technology content, which are mainly divided into the following categories:

Wheelchairs that can go upstairs: John Corporation of the United States has developed a high-tech wheelchair that can easily cross the curb of the sidewalk, climb the steps, and even bring users to the beach. The engine-equipped wheelchair is priced at around $20,000, which is slightly higher than the generally modified engine-equipped wheelchair. This kind of wheelchair is very simple to use. It can raise people and can look at the people who talk with him. There is no "lower person" feeling. The wheelchair is equipped with gyroscopes and sensors to help the wheelchair maintain on uneven terrain balance.

Anti-collision smart wheelchair: This wheelchair is equipped with artificial intelligence software, which uses new infrared detection to track and set objects within a radius of 3 feet, and automatically adjusts the sensitivity and running direction of the wheelchair according to the surrounding environment, if the surrounding is In an open space, the speed of the wheelchair is very fast; but if it is transported to the corner of the hard-to-turn, the wheelchair is slowed down and its sensitivity is enhanced so that it can pass smoothly. If you are about to hit another object, the wheelchair will immediately brake under the command of the software.

Intelligent wheelchairs: The University of Portsmouth in the United Kingdom and the British wheelchair manufacturer jointly produce a new type of smart wheelchair. The wheelchair for the disabled can avoid collisions with obstacles such as walls and avoid rolling down the stairs. This intelligent wheelchair is equipped with two ultrasonic detecting devices, which can detect the road surface around the wheelchair and input the data into the wheelchair computer. The computer makes judgments based on actual conditions, controls the forward and backward movement of the wheelchair, and avoids obstacles.

New type of electric wheelchair that can move freely: This new type of wheelchair using spherical wheels that move in all directions and are balanced when changing direction. Since the wheelchair saves power when changing movements, the power of its electric system can be reduced accordingly, and its total weight can be 45% lighter than ordinary wheelchairs. This wheelchair is also easy to install and disassemble, small in size and can be placed in the trunk or seat of the car.

wheelchair controller

wheelchair controller

Wheelchair accessories

               Wheelchair accessories

foldable electric wheelchair

foldable electric wheelchair

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