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How to choose wheelchairs scientifically?
Home » News » Company News » How to choose wheelchairs scientifically?

How to choose wheelchairs scientifically?

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How to choose wheelchairs scientifically?

The outside world is so beautiful that everyone wants to go out for a walk, but for some people, it is really extravagant. With the continuous progress of society, there are better vehicles for such people. Now wheelchairs are just like cars, they can go anywhere, which greatly facilitates people who are not flexible in legs and feet.

Now there are so many kinds of wheelchairs that many people are dazzled when making choices. They don't know where to start or how to make scientific choices.

manual wheelchair

So how to choose wheelchairs scientifically?

Wheelchair selection mainly considers two aspects, one is strong and durable, the other is in accordance with the normal selection criteria.

First of all, in terms of durability, of course, one price one goods. Wheelchair company time is even longer than family members, if the quality is excellent, it can avoid many worries, do not have to worry about spent months scrapped, even spent hundreds of days to repair broken, long-term always keep changing is also a big expense. It is better to choose a good quality wheelchair for one-time investment. A strong and durable wheelchair can be safely put into life or work.

Secondly, there are some criteria for selection. According to the criteria, the wheelchair selected in this way is more suitable and more comfortable to sit.

Choosing a wheelchair is "almost impossible"

When choosing a wheelchair, the seat is too wide or too narrow, and the seat is too wide, which will lead to people sitting away from the seat center. Seats too narrow will cause hip pressure and shear, and also increase the risk of bedsore.

When choosing a wheelchair, the chair is too shallow or too deep, and too shallow will lead to increased tailbone pressure. If the seat is too deep, the bend of the user's foot (the back of his knee) will be rubbed or the user's movement in the wheelchair will be hindered.

Wheelchair seats are too high, too low can not be, too low seat will affect leg support, too high seat will affect blood circulation.

Wheelchair backrest is too high, too low can not be, too high backrest, users will lean forward. If it is too short, it will reduce the support for users.

Wheelchair type

Wheelchairs can be divided into two types: manual wheelchairs and electric wheelchairs. The main difference between them lies in the way they are promoted.

foldable wheelchair electric wheelchair

Manual wheelchairs are those that need human power to move them. Electric wheelchairs are wheelchairs that add electric motors and navigation controls.

Electric wheelchairs are generally more expensive than manual wheelchairs. Wheelchairs are priced according to their performance. Patients can choose their own wheelchairs according to their own needs.

Wheelchairs are indispensable for people with mobility disabilities. Choosing an appropriate one is the most important. We must make choices according to our own circumstances. Buy everything at a price and get everything at a price. Don't be greedy and cheap. 

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