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How To Buy a Lightweight Foldable Electric Wheelchair?
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How To Buy a Lightweight Foldable Electric Wheelchair?

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How To Buy a Lightweight Foldable Electric Wheelchair?

New Design Adults Power Electric Lithium Battery Wheelchair FC-P1

As an action mobility tool for the elderly or disabled, electric wheelchairs are now more and more demanding, and there are more and more choices, and there are hundreds of styles. How to choose?


Wheelchairs are the most convenient means of transport for people with reduced mobility. In recent years, when people buy wheelchairs, they no longer only pay attention to its mobility function, but also pay more attention to the functionality, comfort and portability of wheelchairs. Some expensive personalized wheelchairs and electric wheelchairs have also entered the families of the people.


Four parts of electric wheelchair: drive system - motor, control system - controller, power system - battery, skeleton system - frame and wheels.

Foldable Electric Wheelchair with Easy Access to Airplane FC-P3

At present, electric wheelchairs are driven by gear motors, crawler motors and hub motors. The most powerful and stopable gear is the gear motor, but the cost is high and the weight of the car is also large. The crawler motor is less powerful and the track will be loose for a long time. The hub motor has the lowest cost and light weight, but the power is weak. The slope can not be stopped, and the slope will be reversed, resulting in poor safety. In general, the advantage is that the power consumption is low, and the same battery hub motor will have a much longer battery life. It is generally recommended to select an electric wheelchair for the gear motor.


The control system currently has a domestic controller, imported British PG controller and Xinxi dynamic controller. It is necessary to look at the controller to see the steering sensitivity and start-stop sensitivity. The turn is to see if you can rotate 360 degrees in situ. What you can do is the controller of the cow B. Look at the start and stop speed, some cars start the controller at the lowest speed, the car will start slowly, release the controller, the car will slowly stop within a limited distance. Some start up very quickly, too much for the elderly, stop and stop. This experience is very bad.


The battery is divided into lead-acid battery and lithium battery. At present, the electric wheelchair adopts 24V voltage. The larger the electric quantity is, the farther the theoretical life is, the more the 35AH is, and the battery life is 20 kilometers. The larger is 55AH and 75AH, the battery life is about 30-40 kilometers, the smaller one is 12-20AH, and the battery life is 10 kilometers. Compared with lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries are light in weight and easy to maintain, but they are expensive. At present, domestic lithium battery technology is uneven, and there are potential safety hazards. Although electric bicycles use lithium batteries, the electric wheelchair industry is still cautious and large. Manufacturers still use lead-acid batteries. The same is a lead-acid battery. If you identify it well, you can see the self-discharge time. I have seen a brand of battery for 3 months without charging, the battery is still fully charged, and some half of the battery is discharged more than half a month.


The skeleton is the material and design. It is a fixed design or a folded design. This is different from person to person. If it is biased to carry, consider ultra-light materials and easy folding. If you want to consider stability, you don't need to fold, just choose the fixed skeleton to wake up structure, because this is the most durable. The wheels are mainly flexible and shock absorbing. Inflatable tires have good shock absorption and are also easier to pass through small steps (generally less than 5 cm). Solid tires will slip when they encounter small steps. There are shock absorbers that can't go too far through the ditch. Generally four wheels, two front wheels are universal wheels, and two rear wheels are drive wheels. The smaller the front wheel, the more flexible it is, but it is easy to get stuck when it encounters a ditch or a seam. If the front wheel is thicker than 18 inches, it will be fine.


Choosing an electric wheelchair requires rational thinking. You can't think that the lighter the better. 

In fact, there are not many opportunities to actually use it. Now it is all barrier-free. On the other hand, the performance and failure rate of wheelchairs should be considered more. Under the premise that this wheelchair has excellent performance and ultra-light weight, the cost is not low, and a few hundred dollars will dare to sell it. The old man bought an electric wheelchair. The core purpose is to go out and go around, get rid of the shackles of his family, let him go out to the park and go to the community. They also need their own space and old age. This is the core appeal. I just want to buy a light and follow the old man behind, but also want to drive out with an electric wheelchair. In fact, the old man wants to go out! Therefore, the stability and driving performance of the car is the most critical!

Luxury Portable Folding Electric Lightweight Wheelchair FC-P4 Easy Carry Folding Electric Wheelchair for Cerebral Palsy FC-P2  New Design Adults Power Electric Lithium Battery Wheelchair FC-P1                                                                                                                                               

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