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How Routine Maintenance Manual Wheelchair
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How Routine Maintenance Manual Wheelchair

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How Routine Maintenance Manual Wheelchair

With the increase in the use time of manual wheelchairs, the chances of small problems in wheelchairs will increase. Therefore, it is imperative to do the daily maintenance and repair of manual wheelchairs. How can maintenance be used to maximize the life cycle of manual wheelchairs? The following sections highlight some of the tips for routine maintenance of manual wheelchairs.

Usually encountered the most common fault is also the most easy to solve the fault is caused by loose screws, if you encounter the following conditions, first check if the screw is loose.

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Manual Wheelchair Maintenance Tips I

  1.  When the pedal is found to be audible or displaced, the screw that fixes the foot must be checked.

  2. When folding the wheelchair and finding that it is difficult to fold or fold easily, check the screws on the support frame.

  3. When the noise is raised while pushing the rear wheel, see if the screws fixed with the hub are loose.

  4. Check the relevant fixing screws when the underside of the seat cushion cannot be balanced or pushed very hard.

Manual Wheelchair Maintenance Tips II

The most frequent maintenance of the entire wheelchair is the tires, especially the inflatable tires. Generally, it should be checked for 1 to 2 weeks. If the tires are broken, they can be replaced at the bicycle shop. If it is a PU solid tire, it depends on the degree of tire wear to decide when to replace it.

Manual Wheelchair Maintenance Tips III

The bearing is the key to the smooth rotation of the wheelchair, and the bearing of the bicycle is a reason. It is easy to make the bearing rust and rupture and can not be used because of the perennial use or the rain. It is very difficult to push it when it is found to be forward or turn. The operation is not smooth, it should be repaired in time, it is recommended to replace it regularly. Generally, bearings of various sizes can be purchased on the market.

Manual Wheelchair Maintenance Tips IV

The quality of the cushion cloth and the backing cloth is indifferent to many people. It is a big deal to break the seams. In fact, this is very bad. You must know that people sit on the cushion every day and lean on the back. On the cloth, once the elasticity is lost, it is equivalent to sitting on the wheelchair skeleton. It will be very uncomfortable to encounter the bumpy road, which will aggravate the body fatigue and cause great damage to the body.

Manual Wheelchair Maintenance Tips V

When going out, safety must be in the first place, and maintaining a safe brake is an important part of maintenance work. The brake system is called the safety guard of the entire wheelchair. It should always pay attention to the sensitivity of the brakes and maintain an effective braking distance at all times to ensure personal safety.

Manual Wheelchair Maintenance Tips VI

Good spare parts also have to have a good "skeleton", he is the soul of the wheelchair, so it is necessary to clean the body regularly. Although many wheelchairs are made of aluminum alloy, when cleaning and maintaining the wheelchair, please do not wash it directly with water. Wipe it with a soft dry cloth. If it is stubborn, wipe it with a little water. Do not use any cleaner with corrosive chemicals, so damage to the wheelchair is irreversible.


As long as you strictly adhere to the above six points, your manual wheelchair will be very easy to use and safer.

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